Letter Boxed November 26, 2022 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed November 26, 2022 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


48 thoughts on “Letter Boxed November 26, 2022 Answers”

    1. I too went with Warlocks Spine, but I must admit Warlocks Snipe is better thematically. Because they’re like that, y’know.
      Lots of excellent options today. Craisins is a tasty find, per Kay, ditto Cowpeas, per Sota.

    1. CONSPIRE(S), WALKER, CLOCKWISE, PRANKS, SPEARLIKE, LOWERCASE, PLINKER, COWPEAS, CRINKLE I couldn’t make count but helped get the solution.

      1. Cheers for providing that thematic aspect MVUA, and best of luck with that 🙂 Funny how WARLOCKS never did register -as with many other co-puzzlers.

          1. …to the solutions of which, THROWBACK was, however, all but imperative. ‘Apophenia’ is new on me, pretty useful, and interesting in that it’s a coined word -despite both it’s components being Greek. Tangentially, I have been noticing that, every so often, letter distributions are being reshuffled with minor alterations, even from one day to the next. Could anyone work out how many original arrays are possible (without the answer being ‘enough to last our children’s children’s children & then some’)?

        1. Sota,
          There are 9,657,700 possible combinations of 12 letters taken from the 26-letter alphabet. This would be what we call the “arrays”.
          This does not take into account the letter placements on the sides, it’s just the raw number of starting arrays. Also, when one considers how many 2-word combinations there are for any given array, the numbers become truly staggering.

          I replied here since my Reply button was not visible where I wanted to post it.

  1. I felt sure there must be some 13/2s in this one, so here was my progress in the hunt …

    CAIRNS – SLOWPOKE (I see this is close to the official, but a bit more efficient)

    Only the second flirts with thematic integrity, as I was often the laggard on my Arctic hikes.

  2. INCREASES-SLOWPOKE here. Would love to see someone pair either PERISCOPE or POWERWALKS, as I definitely spent time down those rabbit holes. Lots here to work with today which was a nice changeup.

  3. COLESLAWS-SPRINKLES 🤷🏼‍♀️ when you know you want to use up those picnic salads….but you really want a fancy sundae…🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Tried various combinations but could not finish with PERIWINKLES PERIWINKLER WARPLANES etc. Finally found POWERLINES SLACKER combination.

  5. I think there would be (26*25*24*23*22*21*20*19*18*17*16*15)/6 unique combinations of letters.

    But I would love to discuss any one else’s calculation.

    1. Tk,
      I used the combination formula nCr=n!/(r!*(n-r)!) with n=26 and r=12.
      What was the logic you were thinking of?
      I did not consider the “side restrictions” yet.

    2. We should, of course, keep in mind that ABC/DEF/GHI/JKL would, for instance, virtually be identical to JKL/ABC/DEF/GHI. That would significantly whittle down the total amount. Any mathematical way of factoring that in?

  6. WRINKLES–SKIASCOPE. Admittedly, had to do some digging after not being able to finish with ‘CLOCKWISE.’
    Was bummed that SEAWRACK was not accepted.

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