Letter Boxed November 25, 2022 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed November 25, 2022 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


27 thoughts on “Letter Boxed November 25, 2022 Answers”

  1. CLIMBER – REGRAFTED 16/2. Not thrilled but them’s the breaks… As for a theme, maybe for a tree on a steep slope or something -but even that seems like a bit of a reach 😉

  2. Across the street from me they are building a giant high-rise condo. For two years now, I have had to put up with a MEGADECIBEL – LIFTER. (I’m not kidding.)

    1. Good find on MEGADECIBEL! I experimented and found:
      I had to learn its meaning first, as I did with my DEFATIGATED.
      Two new words today. 👌🏻

    1. Crikey, this was hard (I’m also Aussie).

      Closest I got was:

      Don’t know why I didn’t see “Climber”, despite finding 100+ words! Haha.

  3. CLAMBER-REFRIGERATED….the jockeying at our house to keep everything cold before the feast yesterday🦃🥧🍾🥦🥗🧀 + more = 🥃 😅.

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