Letter Boxed November 24, 2022 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed November 24, 2022 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


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  1. A bit frustrated with the austerity of the past two days’ offerings, I give thanks to the fabulously generous letters of November 20th. This poem uses only thirteen letters– the twelve from that day plus ’n’:
    A single asterisk notes some of our two-word solutions.
    Double asterisks note some three-word solutions.
    The triple asterisk is a four-word solution (that cheats a little bit).
    Happy November 24th!


    Praise! epicurious screamfests*
    On semiotic cusps as potent
    As turmeric or primrose stems,
    Fine as fescue; ancient
    As Ur; scrumptious as pomfret
    Or trout.
    Our curator roams atop permafrost,
    A ruse to outperform mimicries,*
    Or profer priorities:
    “If fretsome, espouse erotica**as prosaic
    as an Orca’s spermous spasm, or as runic
    as curious spirits in a storm.”

    Praise afore:
    Irate emeritus sceptics, suspicious**
    Of improprieties, (or meritorious factors)
    Feast on timorous perpetuities,
    Or copies of some apomictic creatures. Soft**
    Furies smote suspicious**
    Forfeiture. In mimetic opacities,
    Our preposterous script ripens.

    Praise after:
    A capricious screamer refuses**
    A prostitute’s scorn,
    A prosecuter’s prose,
    A sorcerer’s scam,
    Refutes our semi-pious future plan.
    So, are America’s surfeit torpors**
    A pernicious Faustian feast,
    Or an untrue utopian tease?

    An auspicious surfer recaptures some***
    Ancient totems, repairs
    A foremast, remaps
    Riparian forests, rescripts
    Our stormiest escapes into
    (in)famous scripture.*
    Praise! A picture of Protean rescue, at sea.

    1. I’m grateful for you, Jill! I’ve been saving these up and intend to read one or two out loud at the Thanksgiving feast!

      1. This is one I’d actually like to send to NYT, but I’ve no idea how to do so. Let me know if you have any thoughts.
        Thx so much Bernie, and enjoy your Italian feast!

        1. Jill,

          I communicated to NYT many months ago. I was inquiring about 12/1 solutions. It took awhile but they eventually replied. The email address I used was: nytgames@nytimes.com
          It’s the one that shows up under the help menu on the main screen for the game.

    1. Same here! I was happy to stumble upon Kulan, which is better than Knurl thematically, if no less obscure. Always good to add a new animal name to the lexicon. For those lacking the time and energy to look it up, as I had to, the Kulan is a type of ancient wild donkey, a subspecies of the Onager, and is also known as the Turkmenian Kulan, Turkmenistani Onager, and Transcaspian Wild Ass. That last one reminds me of an old college friend…
      Happy Thanksgiving to the US contingent! Spouse and self are having a quiet celebration, with a takeout Italian feast and a Grantchester + Atlanta binge. All play and no work!

  2. THROWBACK came right away, so I happily cleared the board and typed in LUNT, expecting a quick and easy 13/2 … and that’s when my blood pressure shot through the roof. Clearly whoever compiled this word list never played Scrabble. I settled for LOCKNUT, damned if I wasn’t going to nail a prefix to THROWBACK, so I didn’t even explore words that began with K. I plan to discuss this with my therapist.

  3. Had THROWBACK. fairly quickly, and was disappointed not to have KLUNK accepted – I mean, who would’ve THUNK it. Frankly I was thrilled to find THANK right off the bat, but disappointed that the theme wasn’t carried through. Found KNURL only after heading to my dog-eared dictionary. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  4. Spent way too long on THROWBACK. Never knew KNURL or LOCKNUT or KULAN were words. Blast.

    Found these too:
    LOWBROW WARLOCK (just thought it was funny)

    WARHAWK (disallowed)

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