Letter Boxed September 10, 2023 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed September 10, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


32 thoughts on “Letter Boxed September 10, 2023 Answers”

  1. OA out of the gate. I figure it’s a single-answer puzzle. Although I’m still not quite convinced Shazam is a word, the Lords of Scrabble and LB agree it is so.
    Not a lot to find in this one. Sleazier, Lazier, Mojo, Major, Famish, Jism…

    1. The first big word that jumped out at me was RHIZOME(S), and when that didn’t pair, I was kind of bummed.
      But, after toying around with F-&-J words, I found FRIJOLES. SHAZAM was about the only thing that could follow. I’m surprised it was a ‘featured’ word (let alone acceptable). Once accepted, however, I was pretty sure it was the OA.

    1. You raise a very interesting philosophical question. By one estimate, 80% of English words are loanwords borrowed from 350 other languages. But most of the remaining 20% are evolved forms of words in older versions of English that most of us (myself included) wouldn’t even understand now.

  2. Oa. At least it was quick.
    Major (“I should try -ism” ) frijoles (“that must be it but should I keep the s”) Shazam ( what?!?! It’s over?!?😢

    1. Back to connections.
      That and checking if the police have caught the idiot wall climbing murderer who has been hiding for a week in the gardens 10 miles up the road.

        1. Thanks. He stole a truck and drove north until he ran out of gas. So my area is most likely in the clear.

          Got connections after a bit but I did not see the last connection even when there were only four words left.

  3. Gave up relatively quickly today as it just felt impossible. Ended with a 3: SHAZAM MAJORISE ELF. Not sure I would have found FRIJOLES had I spent an hour more on it.

  4. Another gimmicky one-hit wonder. Scrabble doesn’t accept SCHLIMAZL as an alternate spelling for SCHLIMAZEL, but if it had, at least it would have been a two-hit wonder.

    ⚠️ Singular Solution Suspected (SSS) ⚠️

    Anagrams, sorted by total letter count, then alphabetically:
    * PSW

  6. I don’t get very many twos, and today is no different.

    I had shazam – major – relief, and I was pretty satisfied with that.

    The Z E on the same side was a challenge.

    FLIMFLAMS was the longest, most valueless word I could find today.

    1. Love it! Just finding “shazam” would have been a major relief for me today.🙄 I bailed after wasting as much time as I could justify.

  7. Well done, all who spotted Frijoles-Shazam (beans magically appear)! I saw Shazam right off, then meandered off to tinker with Emojis before setting LB aside.

  8. Quick OA — Ezersky flew too close to the sun today. I pegged FRIJOLES almost immediately as being obscure and esoteric enough to be OA, and SHAZAM followed shortly after.

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