Letter Boxed November 28, 2023 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed November 28, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


40 thoughts on “Letter Boxed November 28, 2023 Answers”

  1. anonymize / evangelizer
    gizmo / overanalyze
    gymnogene / evangelizer
    monogyne / evangelizer
    overgeneralize / elmy
    overgeneralize / enzymology
    velarize / enzymology
    vernalize / enzymology
    ovariole / enzymology
    rigmo / overanalyze
    variole / enzymology

  2. Some 3 word solutions:

    along / gizmo / overly
    mignon / nerval / lazy
    gizmo / oval / larney
    lava / agrimony / yez
    milage / evzone / eyer
    verlig / gizmo / onya
    yang / gizmo / overly
    zymogen / nail / larva
    loverly / yang / gizmo

      1. Very kind of you, Steph. Your solution does have the merit of using all letters! 😀 It’s easy to go for elegance when one just leaves out any letters that don’t go with one’s vision. 🙂

  3. OA here, too.
    Who would’ve thought that an expensive letter like Z would occur in both words? A minor miracle, in today’s economy!

  4. I completely missed the ‘over’ prefix, as I overanalyzed the array with no success.
    Words added to my vocabulary today: enzymology, variole, elmy, and ovariole.

  5. Here’s my 3-solve that’s shorter than the given OA (16/2)
    I know what 1 of those 3 words means 🙂

  6. Some animals in today’s array:
    Amphibians: Olm
    Fish: Eel, Gar, Molly
    Mammals: Aye-aye, Gazelle, Liger, Lion, Mole, Mongrel, Nyala, Onager, Vole, Gollie
    Reptiles: Green Anole, Yarara

    DW’s bird list is more extensive than mine. 😉

  7. Missed it! Got GONZO, but not GIZMO, got OVERLY, and ANALZYE/R, but not OVERANALYZE… 2w solutions missing one letter… a few 3w’ers, including: MONGRELIZE-EVEN-NAY, MOVE-ENERGIZER-RELAY. MOVER-REGIONAL-LAZY, MOVER-REGIONALIZE-EYE.

  8. Wow, kudos to those who solved today’s in two. I valiantly devoted a serious amount of time to MONGRELIZE, EVANGELIZER and many other IZEs but to no avail. At least there’s always a new one tomorrow!

  9. OA, with the Z amazingly in both words, plus Amigo Overanalyze. Both pretty good for TI although inefficient. Also found the less satisfying Overgeneralize Elmy. Finally said Enough Already.

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