Letter Boxed May 27, 2023 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed May 27, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


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    1. Kibitz in the multi-ethnic neighborhood of my youth meant to shoot the breeze, to chat. I believe it comes from Yiddish, like klutz, chutzpah, and other great tz words.

    2. The word is common in the bridge world, where it means to discuss (usually critique) the bidding or the play of the hand in real time. One of the many great Yiddish words that we could use more widely and more commonly in English. But I kvetch.

  1. OA again in what is surely yet abother one-hit wonder. I’m beginning to feel like a broken record.


  2. OA here too. I would have thought kibitzed was spelled with two b’s. Very glad it is not. I love the images this answer conjures.

  3. 5.27.23 : OSK—ETB—VIZ—LCD

    Units: KILOVOLT, STILB (brightness, in the cgs system)
    Currencies: CEDI, LOTI, LEK, LEV
    Colors: BOLE #79443B, VOLT #CEFF00
    New animal: OCELOT.

  4. Official.
    I remember this word from playing scrabble on yahoo games wherein you can create a game room and allow/ disallow kibitzing.

  5. I’m something-sick, having found both Lovesick and Kibitz (ed/es) yet never put them together. My favorite three-word solution is BLITZED – DOVES – SICK. As they might well be.

  6. Had no hope today. As a non Jewish, Scottish person I have never encountered the word KIBITZED. I couldn’t even get a 3 today. Second time this week I’ve had to settle for a 4. I don’t think I’d got it in any more than a 3 in a long time before that. Disappointing week for me.


    TOV was a random guess but turned out to be a word. Funnily enough TOV doesn’t appear to be a word in English, rather it’s a Hebrew word. Letterboxed sure is a fickle mistress.

  7. No small wonder I solved this one, as I would have spelled the K-word with two Bs. Still, I was determined to try, as LOVESICK just seemed too good to walk away from.

  8. I missed this!– in spite of growing up in a family of kibbitzers, over the bridge table, kitchen stove, and otherwise. But I’ve never known that it could be spelled with one ‘b.’ Seems both are equally correct. Of course, most Yiddish words have multiple spellings in English . . .

  9. Bernie Horowitz

    LB does seem to lean heavily on Yiddish (see Verklempt not long ago), which hardly seems fair. I may be kvelling about getting the OA, but I’m kvetching on behalf of others not born to the patois.
    As for Kibitz, I was just correcting someone’s pronunciation yesterday! They kept saying ki-BITZ, with the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAble.

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