Letter Boxed May 25, 2023 Answers

Here there are Letter Boxed May 25, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest to try and solve the game by your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


47 thoughts on “Letter Boxed May 25, 2023 Answers”

  1. 5.24.23 : EDM—IUH—BLS—RAO
    Longest word found: ACETOACETATE
    Atom: Lead ₈₂Pb
    Greek: ETA η Η, ZETA ζ Ζ
    Colors: CELESTE #B2FFFF, ROSE #FF007F, SCARLET #FF2400, STRAW #E4D96F, TEAL #008080
    Observation: TEAL has equal parts of green and blue, but no red.

    Symmetric triple (for Bernie’s SYZYGY 🙂 :

    1. Bernie Horowitz

      Thanks for the shout-out, Mark! Naturally I jumped on Syzygy, but no go, so OA it is. That’s one highly-advanced Zygote, poor handwriting notwithstanding.

  2. TRIOLET (variation)
    (Inspired by Oscar’s three-word solution yesterday)

    On a moonish beam, imbibers should dream
    Of a mouser’s catch in an old alehouse—
    —the timorous beastie’s final shout.
    On a moonish beam, imbibers should dream
    Of a rhombus room in Usher’s House
    —(abolished ghosts shout somber doubt).
    On a moonish beam, imbibers should dream
    Of an ambushed soldier’s final scream.
    —To dream or not? With or without?

    1. Thank you Jill! Again, for adding such a wonderful element to this group!
      Also for teaching me what a triolet is with such a fine example. I enjoyed the learning.
      The word beamish was accepted by yesterday’s puzzle. I only knew it from the jabberwocky, which you have subtly brought to mind as well. Was this a piece inspired in some small part by it?

      1. Not consciously, but perhaps the subliminal?
        Bobby Burns, (and Hamlet . . .),
        but mostly Oscar’s “imbibers should dream.”

    2. Bernie Horowitz

      I collect these gems, Jill, and share them with friends and family. This one is particularly stirring!

      1. Fabulous!
        I just did some research, and discovered that we’d probably find the graffiti at the “ampullar-isthmic junction” tube station.

        1. Hey, Thanks! Y’all are great!

          My vanity wants to know the speculations.
          My curiosity wants to know what everybody else does.
          My anxiety doesn’t want to risk being annoying and over sharing.
          Then I got nervous because my job is… fine, but here on LB we all get to work with the letters outside•[the box]; and I like that.
          ..But.. then, I thought of a work joke…(and I can’t resist):

          What do you call a Commercial Service Technician who smokes weed on the job?
          High maintenance.
          That’s also what people say when they see me coming:
          Hi, Maintenance.

          Oh, man, that was so satisfyingly vapid.

          ((p.s. – what I like best is making music))

          OK, your turn!

          1. Bernie Horowitz

            Well, since you ask, MVUA: Forcibly retired from a law-related career in early 2020 (best thing they ever did for me), which means I have way more time for puttering around the house, playing with the cats, taking short naps and long walks, exploring old-time radio shows, futzing around with all these games, and doing theater and music stuff – we have that in common. One of my groups will be singing the Nat Anth at the Seadogs game next month, so that’ll be fun. The Seadogs (slang name for seals, btw) are Portland Maine’s Double A Red Sox farm team.

  3. OA on yet another highly-constrained solution set. Sigh.

    🐦 CROW, OWL, EAGLE-OWL, SEA-EAGLE, CARACARA, SORA. 🐦🐦 The puzzle came perilously close to allowing STELLER’S SEA-EAGLE, which would have been a nice nod to our recent celebrity vagrant.

    1. Bernie Horowitz

      I surmise you too are a Mainer, DW? (Although TBH, I’ve only lived heah foah 56 yeahs, so I’ll nevah be a Mainah.)

      1. Ah, you’re from away, eh, Bernie? Summer camp for two years in Maine as a kid, but originally from upstate NY and transplanted to Canada.

        1. Bernie Horowitz

          Ah, the Steller’s Sea-eagle led me astray – one showed up recently here in Portland. Maybe the very same one as yours in (presumably) Canada!

          1. Yes, it has had quite the adventure: Alaska, Texas, Quebec, Maine, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Maine again… I missed it by three days in NFLD last June 😥

  4. Official.
    Saw z and y and first instinct was to combine them. So surprisingly quick.
    Would it be fair to assume everyone who gets this is/ was a student of science?

    1. One of those quick solves for me (first two words were those of the OA). No student of science I. I do like those layman’s books on astrophysics/astronomy, though.

  5. I’m just going to put this out there … I don’t have the best vocabulary. I’m just a deputy sheriff from NC that came across this word game (As well as this thread). I can get the OA about 25% of the time, which is good for me. I do, however, enjoy reading all of your posts. It’s a good start to my day.

    1. I don’t even get the OA that often, but checking this thread is one of the first things I do every day (after giving the game a shot, of course ;-).

  6. Official, quite quickly. Missed Dystopian the other day so was on the lookout for a word with Y near the beginning of the word.

  7. Offficial here too. Z wasn’t pairing well with others but his neighbor Y. Puzzles with Z in them often find me at a loss. Glad my brain worked today.

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