Letter Boxed June 20, 2024 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed June 20, 2024 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


59 thoughts on “Letter Boxed June 20, 2024 Answers”

      1. Bernie Horowitz

        Yeah, but at least I’ve HEARD of Captcha!
        OA, Piranha Adjudicator or Adjudication. But surely it’s Bite First, Ask Questions Later with these guys?

    1. CAPTCHA-ADJURATION for me too, with nice TI : what a bot does insistently to test your humanity (ironically). But CAPTCHA is really an acronym so I’m not sure it should have been accepted.

      This took me most of the day, after spending a lot of time on HADJ, PRODUCTION, CONJURATION, etc.



    Tons of words ending in ATION today!

    1. i ended up with PIRANHA ADJUDICATION also.
      TI – what our prosecutorial system does to former officials of both parties … 😎

      Before that i had ADJUDICATOR RHIPIDION but LB didn’t like Rhipidion … it’s in the dictionaries … a fan used in Greek churches.

      1. There have been several times in the past month or two where the TION is there, but the A is on the same side as T or missing altogether. I had a pent up supply of ATION words that I could finally try today!! 🙂

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, FRANZzEE2,

        YES! Absolutely!!! Soundtrack, indeed! Yay!!! 🎉🥳😉🤗🤓

        Double thumbs up! 👍👍


        1. Radioactive Flower

          Hey, Sir MARKIE,

          You hit the OA! Good job! YAY!!! 🎉🥳

          GUITAR – RECORDINGS, indeed! 🤓👍

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, THIS,

        WOW!!! You answered it evilly. Hahaha…
        You had a deja vu because of MANKIND – DANGEROUS. Past OA.

    1. the only possibility i could find is:

      LB doesn’t like Nonhandicap and i don’t think it’s in the OED and Collin’s dictionaries, but it’s in Wiktionary and WordReference and WordSense.

    2. I found a similar solution with a word not accepted (but a word nonetheless)
      Judication – *Naprapath

      I had adjudication but didn’t see piranha

  2. Found ADJUDICATOR right away, then PIRANHA kinda just “showed up”…didn’t figure this for the OA for some reason…Stay cool for those of us in the NE USA

    1. hey Franzee2 – you might not see this, but i came back and tried INDOCTRINATION also, and couldn’t find a match with the leftover letters. And nothing with INDOCTRINATOR either – same leftover letters of HJPU. Very few words available using all 4 of those letters plus others in today’s letter set.

      I did make up the word PUJHI, to put in front of INDOCTRINATOR/ION but of course LB rejected Pujhi.
      And i can’t claim that Pujhi is in the OED.
      But, reportedly, it is a name that “evokes sociability, distinction and righteousness.”




    No apples today!

    panocha, variant of penuche, n. A kind of coarse brown sugar used esp. in Mexico.

    1. I got PACHA—ADJURATION and I must confess that I had no idea what PACHA was. It looked vaguely Incan, so I gave it a try and lo and behold it was accepted.

      1. Same here. I was about to quote the definition from OED, as is my new practice, but then realized it was accepted in LB.

        pacha n. A Turkish officer of high rank, as a military commander or a provincial governor (now historical). Also in extended use.

    2. Yes, PACHA-ADJURATION here too. I had to look up Pacha as well but tried it solely because it would link with Adjuration. More vocabulary expansion.

  4. OA. I was kind of surprised it was
    TI: the litigious nature of the US
    LB didn’t like RHIPIDION nor RHAPONTIC

  5. ADJUDICATION was my very first guess; took about 15 minutes to get PIRANHA for Piranha Adjudication 2w answer. Thought it would be the OA. Happy to solve so quickly today!

  6. The slightly less efficient (yet slightly more thematic, imo) PIRANHA – ADJUDICATION. Found ADJUDICATION pretty early, but had to circle back to it several times before the little fishies jumped out at me. PRODUCTION, CONJURATION, and ADJOURN took me on lengthy detours, as did CAPTCHA, which seemed like the kind of esoteric choice Ezersky would make a puzzle out of. Glad people found numerous solves, I missed ADJURATION.

    1. Exactly the same for me. ADJUDICATION right away,
      piranha took quite some time. I believe this voracious fish has been part of a solution before?

  7. Here is the full list including Scrabble words:

    ** Don’t look at the list if you haven’t finished solving the puzzle **

    (The first number is a count and the second number is the number of letters used)

    1 – 17 captcha / adjuration
    2 – 19 paratha / adjudication
    3 – 15 pacha / adjuration
    4 – 19 piranha / adjudication
    5 – 18 piranha / adjudicator
    6 – 15 trichina / adjoupa

    7 – 20 adjudicator / rhipidion*
    8 – 19 conjurator* / rhipidion*
    9 – 18 judicator / rhipidion*
    10 – 18 panocha* / adjudicator
    11 – 17 panocha* / adjuration

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