Letter Boxed June 11, 2024 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed June 11, 2024 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


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      1. Bernie Horowitz

        Ditto down the line, Mica! At least it didn’t take too long. As for TI, I’m thinking Naughty Javelin is Monty Python slang for the male member.

        1. OA for me. I did think it a bit ironic that vaginal was a formidable word from this array given how most of us are interpreting the ti for javelin – naughty.

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, Mr.RAMANATHAN,

        WOW! That was quick! 😉

        Bystander is correct! Good job! 🤓👍

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, OSCAROO,

        I’m happy that you found a solution other than the OA. Good job! 👍

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, Sir MARKIE,

        BINGO!!! You got the OA! YAY!!! 🤓🤗

        VERSATILE – EVERYTHING, indeed! 😉🤗

        Double thumbs up! 👍👍

      2. Hey Mark – i vote your entry for the OA for RF today 😇

        I came up with
        but i had to type it out and check it 3 times to make sure i had used up all the letters.

        1. Good morning McBee.
          Try my 12/1 challenge too, below:
          There’s several hundred 12/1s that I know of, but I’m always looking for more. ☕

      1. AMC – and that’s the American Motor Corporation, not the current movie theater chain – had a “Javelin” ponycar back in the day – including some with a Pierre Cardin designed interior – but the model died in 1974. I guess a Javelin you can only throw so far, but Mustangs and Mavericks can gallop all day. 😎

          1. Cool article Mark! Thanks!
            a bunch of us went up to
            Top of the Rock
            and i just now got a chance to read the article.
            Actually, i had a friend a little older than me and his first car was a Javelin – probably a 69 or 70 model, i think. My first car was a ’62 Bug 🤣

          2. @McBee. Cool! My muscle car was a Chevelle SS 454. 4-speed, 4-bbl, etc.. It was like a rocket.

            My Dad hated that car! He had to come get me when the troopers pulled me over.

            “You know how fast you were going, young man?”

            “No sir, I buried the needle.”

            “Step out of the car, please.”

            True story. ☺️

    1. I got hung up on JUVENILE and EYELIGHT – couldn’t place the A 🙁 Tried JUVENAL (not accepted) really like JUVENALIAN !


    juvenal, n. Used generally to describe a satirist.
    unijugate, adj. Having one pair of leaflets.
    eleventhly, adv. In the eleventh place.

  2. Couldn’t get past JUVENILE as one of the words so got it in 3 with JUVENILE – ENLIGHTEN – NAY. Also JUVENILE – ELEGANTLY left me with the H left over 🤦

    1. Hey Dan – that was me – i really wanted to put NAUGHTY together with some form of juvenile. But to match it would have to be a word that ended in N, so first i tried JUVENILIAN (makes sense, right, take the E off the end of juvenile and replace with IAN.
      But LB said no.
      So i looked online and i discovered there are a lot of occurrences of “juvenilian” but i think they are all misspellings of “juvenalian” the OED word Mark linked above.
      So, i tried JUVENALIAN in LB, and no luck with it either.
      So, i ended up with
      the OA.

      Earlier i found VAGUELY and GAUNTLY but couldn’t find a complete match to either of them.

      1. Good tries. Depending on responses, I’ll put some clues soon.

        I have a hunch DaveL will get it easily, if no one gets it sooner.

        1. I found CULPATORY, and the letters left over (DIS) make


          Apparently, a synonym of the better known (at least to me) EXCULPATORY.

          1. DISCULPATORY isn’t in the Scrabble dictionary, so I didn’t find it.

            I could use a pointer to an Oxford English dictionary word list.

          2. Hey Bill – i think you are right.
            DISCULPATORY covers all the letters, once each, and I traced it out to make sure there were no sequence problems.

    1. Reply to DaveL, since no more consecutive replies are available.

      I haven’t cracked that one yet. I’m still just hit and miss with it.

      I also don’t like how they don’t let me easily copy their definitions in clear text. Maybe in the HTML, I don’t know.

      I still like PSW and MW resources, but it looks like OED is the granddaddy.

  3. OA. Spent a bit of time on LIGHTENING, LAUGHING, LIGHTLY, and LAUGHING. But eventually found those impish olympians with their naughty javelins 🤣🤣

  4. Got OA after a moderate amount of time, once I lucked onto JAVELIN after 3w and 4w’ers – Juvenile Ethyl Lag (18/3), Jiving Gauntlet Thy (17/3). First word I saw was Hyena, then Vigilante or Vigilant. 4w: Ninja Avenue Ethyl Lag. And Ninja Avenging Gaily had Hunt left over but unable to connect it. (for a fun TI maybe).

  5. OA. Spent a good while trying to make JUVENILE work, then when I found JAVELIN – NAUGHTY, I realized I was the JUVENILE all along.

  6. Here is the full list including Scrabble words:

    ** Don’t look at the list if you haven’t finished solving the puzzle **

    (The first number is a count and the second number is the number of letters used)

    1 – 14 javelin / naughty

    2 – 16 juvenal* / lengthily
    3 – 14 juvenal* / lightly
    4 – 17 juvenal* / lightlying*
    5 – 19 unijugate* / eleventhly*

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