Letter Boxed June 07, 2024 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed June 07, 2024 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


44 thoughts on “Letter Boxed June 07, 2024 Answers”

      1. Radioactive Flower

        Hey, LWMMM,

        We are very lucky. Our old house used to have a garden and butterflies came. I really love those butterflies especially the plain white ones and plain yellow ones. The way they fly is very cute unlike those eagles hehehe…Our neighborhood now is almost concrete jungle. Even the neighbor’s garden are gone too.

    1. RF – here’s my thinking:
      can’t do quits

      1. if just try SECONDS
        that leaves sha + uiqt = ahiqtu, and cannot make an english word from just those letters. And can’t use CHIQUITAS because of UI.
        But that would be nice:

        1. some other nice words from your letters are:
          but we can’t do SI.
          And they don’t link with SECONDs.
          But, quasiauthentic does apply to many antiques …

          1. Radioactive Flower

            Hey, Mr.McBEE,

            Kudos for the nice solution! 😎

            You’re on the right track for the OA. 😉


    2. Radioactive Flower

      Hey, our first-born STEPHIE,

      YES, absolutely! You got the OA! YAY!!! 🥳

      ANTIQUES – SECONDHAND, indeed! 🤓👍

      1. Bernie Horowitz

        Got to Jug Gobsmacked (splutter, choke, cough – smooooth!) came second; first was the silly Geoducks (which btw is pronounced Gooeyducks, adding to the fun) / Sjamboks, both of which have made OA appearances in the recent past, I believe.

  1. JUG GOBSMACKED for me too.
    Don’t know how long it took because i got distracted doing RF’s puzzles and didn’t write this down until just now.

  2. Once again, just when I was about to give up and enter 3w, I suddenly got it! Evolution of the OA for me happened when I got BUGS SMACKED DOJO, then JOB BUGS SMACKED, then JUG GOBS SMACKED…and said to myself “oh hey, Gobs Smacked? How about Gobsmacked?” And there it was! 2w success with JUG GOBSMACKED.

  3. Here is the full list including Scrabble words:

    ** Don’t look at the list if you haven’t finished solving the puzzle **

    (The first number is a count and the second number is the number of letters used)

    1 – 15 geoducks / sjambok
    2 – 16 geoducks / sjamboks
    3 – 13 jug / gobsmacked

    4 – 15 cogues* / sjamboked*
    5 – 17 escuages* / sjamboked*
    6 – 18 gemsbucks* / sjamboked*
    7 – 17 geoducks / sjamboked*
    8 – 14 gucks* / sjamboked*
    9 – 16 mudbugs / smokejack*
    10 – 17 mudbugs / smokejacks*
    11 – 14 scugs* / sjamboked*

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