Letter Boxed December 08, 2023 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed December 08, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


53 thoughts on “Letter Boxed December 08, 2023 Answers”

      1. OA, as well.

        I’d be curious to know if there’s anyone who begun with ‘quiz’, i.e. who didn’t first get ‘zombification’ and then restarted for ‘quiz’.

        1. That would be me literally put the oa answer in as first attempt. I do not know what to do with the rest of the morning

        2. Me. I didn’t even know ZOMBIFICATION was an actual word. I just tried it out. I’m actually surprised it is an acceptable word given some words the puzzle has rejected in the past.

  1. Another gimmicky array. I will be stunned if there is another solution. Thin on the birds, too: 🐦 AMAZON, BAZA, BOUBOU, IBON, MAO, OMAO, TIT, TUI

    1. I found the OA amusing. It brought to mind old school days (or daze) during Finals – staggering about, moaning and hollow-eyed, after one too many all-nighters.

  2. 4-solve was the best I could muster – what an evil letter set … I started making up words to get this:


    1. You’ve got more determination than me! I figured early on that any answer other than the OA would be hard work – and stopped.

  3. With a little indulgence and horrible simplification of geo politics in Africa after the collapse of the economy in the south east coast and resulting civil wars. One could talk about the MOZAMBIQUIFICATION of the region

  4. OA here as well. Pretty sure it’s the only accepted two-word solution. Feast to Famine over the last three puzzles!

  5. The only other 2 word solution was:
    quoz / zombification

    There weren’t even any Scrabble words in today’s solution.

  6. OA. But Zombification should not be a word. In past puzzles I’ve tried legal terms (not even Latin) that we lawyers and judges commonly use in court filings and orders, which NYT thinks are “not a word,” yet this is a word?

  7. I was soo close. I started out with quiz. Then I put that away and did zombi (not a word). But didn’t make it to zombification before I tapped out. Very frustrating LB today.

  8. Thought I’d finish with a 6 word solution: Quib Bonobo Oaf Foam Mazac Cat.

    Not pretty and easily as much work as the OA 🙁

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