Letter Boxed December 05, 2023 Answers

Here are the Letter Boxed December 05, 2023 Answers from New York Times Games. Our solutions and answers are 100% valid and accurate. We suggest trying to solve the game on your own before using the help of our website.

Sides of this Letter Box are:


The answers are:


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  1. autoplaying / gobful
    bafta / autoplaying
    bayou / uplifting
    fatiguability / yaupon
    fatiguability / yolping
    fatigability / yaupon
    fibula / autoplaying
    fibula / antapology
    layabout / typifying
    polypi / infibulating
    boyau / uplifting
    patulin / noblifying
    pongyi / infibulating
    pontifying / gulab
    pultan / noblifying
    pulutan / noblifying

      1. Thanks for the shout out, Steph. Present and accounted for, but distracted by performances and other seasonal obligations. Miles to go before a long winter’s nap, but LB-ing as and when I can… which brings us to today’s, or should I say yesterday’s, puzzle.
        OA here. Pretty neat answer. A nod to the restorative powers of Nature? A harbinger of climate change and sea level rise? Not really expecting much by way of alternatives even from you LB Mavens. Later, Gators (speaking of bayous). This is but ALIOW and not goodbye.

  2. Scrabble words:

    bufotalin* / nonpaying
    bufotalin* / nonplaying
    fabulating / gypo*
    falbala* / autotyping*
    fatigability / youpon*
    fibula / autotyping*
    gypo* / outfabling*
    infibulating / gypo*
    outfabling* / gapy*
    outfabling* / gilpy*
    outfabling* / gulpy
    outfabling* / gyp*
    outfabling* / gypo*
    typo / outfabling*

  3. Some 3 word solutions:

    atop / playful / lubing
    tufting / gap / playboy
    tulip / pagan / noblify
    typing / gift / tabouli
    typo / outfit / tabling
    ubi / infant / topology
    uplift / tangibly / you
    uplifting / gab / boy
    you / uplift / tangibly
    abluting / gift / typo
    babyfying / got / tulip
    infobot / tag / gulpy
    obligant / tufty / yip
    pantiling / gub / boyf
    plotful / lab / blingy
    pugilant / tofu / ubity
    fanboying / guilt / tip

    Some 14/3 s
    fault / typing / gob
    pat / tying / gobful
    potful / lying / gab

  4. OA here as well. Had UPLIFTING but didn’t land upon BAYOU until I exhausted many other dead ends. One of these days I’ll smarten up, right? 🙂 Missing poems from Jill as well!

    1. Hi Susan,
      These two are recent:

      Nov 26

      Squint, it’s a telegram–
      “Look past all Maga enragements.”
      (Insurgents, intransigents, yet
      A mere quartile enigma
      Of an unquaint time).

      Listen, it’s an art–
      A quintet of eaglets call
      And chirp their elegant mantra:
      “Petals asquirl, stems tranquil,
      Columbines grow in aquamarine shade.”

      These birds are our integral allies,
      Aquiline elegists, all.

      Nov 30

      Warships stalking in a thawtless* fight,
      Thawts shrinking in the war’s twilight,
      Lights sprinkled on a field of white,
      Wights twinkling in an endless night,
      As nighthawks spiral– a sparkling sight,
      In a thawing spring, in their foraging flight.

  5. Rainbows sans Red


    took a chance at BAYOU even though it is a short word. just imagine my elation that i spotted UPLIFTING from the many leftover letters.

    this is a very happy solve.

    1. That’s still a mystery to me, since this site states no affiliation with NYT. However, noting that this site comes online a minute or two after NYT, I believe there must be some unofficial communication between the two.

    2. The GameData for today has the NYTimes Solution encoded in it. I’m sure this site uses that data.

      It looks something like this:

      1. OA.
        Thanks, DAVEL. Just curious, how does one look at that code? (I’ve been away from programming for a long time.) Before WORDLE became a NYT game, someone had posted all the solutions that were embedded in the code!!

        1. The way i do it is to refresh the game so I see the game board for today.

          Then in Google Chrome I right-click and choose Inspect.

          Then I look about 6 or 7 lines down and see a line that looks like:
          window.gameData =

          In the imspector i right click and do a Copy > Copy Element

          Try that,

          1. I left out a step…

            The way i do it is to refresh the game so I see the game board for today.

            Then in Google Chrome I right-click and choose Inspect.

            Then I look about 6 or 7 lines down and see a line that looks like:

            Then you expand that line and see:
            window.gameData = …

            Right click on window.gameData and Copy > Copy Element

            Then, paste into your favorite text editor.

          2. I probably shouldn’t type in html code into these messages:

            Then I look about 6 or 7 lines down and see a line that looks like:
            script type text/javascript …

  6. Bafta Autoplaying. Thought I hit pay dirt with Autoplaying, but what to do with b-f-a or g-b-f?

    Don’t like it but I’ll take it. In what universe is bafta an allowable word? And yes I didn’t see Gobful.

  7. It always takes me a while to stop making words that start with P, when there’s a P.

    I got to the OA after a while, because UPLIFTING sounds like PLIFTING (which is not a word, but is definitely something I tried, because I like starting words with P)

    1. I usually start by looking for letters that group together (i-n-g is just a gift and s might be followed by p and r) and then for any prefixes and suffixes.

      Very rarely do words just leap out at me and maybe why I get more bizarre solves 🙂

    Mammals: Agouti, Baboon, Bat, Bilby, Bongo, Bonobo, Buffalo, Gibbon, Olingo, Pangolin, Papillon, Pig, Pit Bull, Pug, Pugapoo, Puli, Utonagan
    Dinosaur: Patagotitan
    Palindromes: ALALA, ALULA, ANANA*, ULULU

  9. Got back to LB late today (after my AM three-word pass), tried yet another -ing word, and found OA. I’m definitely less competent at spotting pairs that hinge on a vowel. But–ALIOW (somehow I associate that with Fishcake).

  10. What a monster this one was! Took me ages.
    There were so many affixes to work with (-OLOGY, I/ABILITY, OUT–, –FUL, POLY–, –ING) and I just couldn’t seem to follow through with any of them until I started noodling with UP– words. Finally got the OA. Having lived in New Orleans (too long ago, I suppose) didn’t help much, though.

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